Black Eye Bean – Madagascar origin – Offer 2018 season

Wholesale Black eye pea high quality
Black Eye Bean - Madagascar Origin - Season 2018 opens on first Week of April We MadaMarket Export is Black Eye Bean Exporter from Madagascar. We offer a delicious range of dried Black Eye Bean known as Chowli or cowpeas. Organically grown in our  country. We know supplier's requirements of Black Eye Bean in Madagascar. The beans we collect directly from farmers classify a...
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Securing the Black eye pea sector of Madagascar

MadaMarket Export Black eye pea - Wholesale - Bulk buy from Madagascar
Operators and growers of Black eye pea have as primary target : securing this sector in Madagascar. A win-win agreement by both parties as the operators, will provide quality seeds. This will sustain technical support to growers, too. These beneficiaries will have the same operators as exclusive customers of their end products. Platform for consultation and decision ...
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Madagascar exports cocoa beans labelled « Cocoa Fine »

MadaMarket Export Cocoa beans Madagascar
Madagascar exports cocoa beans labelled « Cocoa Fine » Madagascar produces only 6000 tons per year. Although cocoa beans production in the world equals 3,400,000 tons in 2014. But the label "Cocoa Fine" allows to sell the product at a price twice as high as the world rate. The Big Island chosed quality of the cocoa beans rather than quantity. Without regret, quite the cont...
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Black eyed bean : Madagascar production of Black eye beans strenghtening

Black eye beans Madagascar Black eyed bean
Madagascar Black eye beans : among the most imported commodities from Madagascar We can observe lojy Black eye beans (or lojy bemaso) mainly grown in the regions of Sofia and Boeni, as well as other varieties of lojy: lojy mena, lojy fotsy. Black eye beans belong to annual tropical herbaceous legume known as Vigna unguiculata or cowpea. The diversity of this species has le...
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Madagascar exportateur baie rose

MadaMarket Export Baie Rose
Trouver un exportateur madagascar d'épices comme la vanille, le girofle, le poivre noir. L'économie de Madagascar s’appuie essentiellement sur les produits agricoles. Cependant, de part son relief montagneux, de sa grande latéralité et de ses précipitations irrégulières, une grande partie de la terre devient impropre à la culture. Environ 5% seulement de la superficie te...
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Madagascar : world’s second largest clove exporter GEGM

Madamarket Export Cashew nuts
MadaMarket Export is among the list of clove exporter GEGM in Madagascar Madagascar is the world's second largest producer of clove and clove oil.  With its vast plantations on the east coast, Madagascar holds almost half of the international clove market. Unfortunately, there has been a decline in quality in recent years due to speculation, mercantilism and many bad prac...
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Cashew nuts : Madagascar exports the best quality

Madagascar raw cashew nuts
Madagascar exports cashew nuts, caju, or cashew with shells. We have  raw cashew nuts. The cashew nuts, from its scientific name western anacardium belongs to the family of anacardiaceae - usually roasted in oil, then added or not with salt. Can also find "raw" cashew nuts, whole, halved as well as in pieces. We all know that, cashew nuts belongs to fruits grouped as lipid...
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Madagascar Black eyed beans : an export commodities

Madagascar black eyed beans is an export commodities. The Madagascar black eyed beans gains high rate as export products is Madagascar. This bean named as "lojy fotsy" becomes particuliar to this african island. Better known as cowpea, lojy is an annual tropical herbaceous legume. It belongs to the species Vigna unguiculata. The Madagascar Black eyed beans knows its price c...
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La vanille de Madagascar traverse une nouvelle crise !

Ces dernières années, la vanille de Madagascar traverse une crise tant sur la production que sur la qualité, mais surtout en termes de prix. Les raisons de cette crise sont le passage du cyclone Enawo et l’insécurité qui règne dans les régions productrices de Bourbon vanilla beans. Du coup, la filière se retrouve dans une bulle spéculative qui selon les professionnels du secteu...
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Black eye peas: 15,000 MT exported in 2016

[:en]In Madagascar, the production of black eye peas is primarily intended for export. With the increasing interest of exporters and farmers in this product, in 2016, the country ranked third among the world's black eye peas exporters with nearly 15,000 MT. Madagascar exports these products around the world. The destination of the black eye peas of Madagascar consists of two di...
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