Pink peppercorns : Madagascar improves its production for export

Pink peppercorns madagascar- madamarket export
Madagascar pink peppercorns : farmers grow more and more each year. In 2015, the pink peppercorns or rose baises industry generated 157 million Ariary and in July 2016. It reached 276 million Ariary. It belongs to the high potential market and one of the flagship products of the Bongolava region, as well as Ankadinondry Sakay, Tsiroanomandidy, Ambararatabe. About 313 house...
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Established since 2010, our brokerage company specializes in Madagascar's agricultural products and works with several large exporting companies, collectors, packers, preparers ... We compare prices, we know who has the products you are looking for, who are able to meet your needs, whether in terms of payment mode (LC, payment on delivery, pre-financing of production ...), in t...
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