About us

We are  agricultural products brokerage company – Exporters Madagascar.

Since our creation in 2010, we have sought to overcome the inadequacy of a reliable broker between importers and exporters.

Due to the large size of Madagascar, the diversity of export products available in the country and the lack of information on serious exporters Madagascar able of supplying products at competitive price with sufficient stock for the International market, we decided to step up our intervention in this area.

As a broker, we work both for the buyer and the supplier.  We ensure that a commercial contract that could be interesting for both parties can succeed. So that, the buyer will be quiet before paying, we

  • work with verified suppliers only
  • ensure that suppliers are able to honor the contracts we submit them
  • verify, even before the SGS verification … that the exporter has a good experience
Raw cashew nut stock at Exporters Madagascar warehouse
Raw cashew nut stock at Exporters Madagascar warehouse

Similarly, by contacting us, exporters Madagascar and producers are:

  • Sure to find buyers for their products
  • They can count on our experience in negotiating the contract
  • Their seriousness will always lead them to new markets

We save the research and investigation time of each party so that they can build long term collaboration.

On the other hand, we simply add a commission but we always ensure that the final price paid by the customer always remains very competitive compared to other offers both locally and internationally.

 For further information, please contact us.