Cashew nuts : Madagascar exports the best quality

Madagascar exports cashew nuts, caju, or cashew with shells. We have  raw cashew nuts.

The cashew nuts, from its scientific name western anacardium belongs to the family of
anacardiaceae – usually roasted in oil, then added or not with salt. Can also find “raw” cashew nuts, whole, halved as well as in pieces.

We all know that, cashew nuts belongs to fruits grouped as lipid-rich and oily. In addition to owning content vitamins and minerals of the most interesting, it contains active principles which give it health benefits. In fact, several studies associate regular consumption of fruits with hake to various benefits for health: lower blood cholesterol; the decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes – decreased risk of gallstones and removal of the gallbladder – reduction in the risk of colon cancer in women.

Madamarket Export Cashew nuts
Madamarket Export Cashew nuts

In addition to that, the cashew nut seems to be used more and more as appetizers or appetizers in supermarkets. In the distribution, buyers can find them in the ‘salty appetizer’, ‘dried fruits” or ‘dried fruit assortments’. The cashew nut the third widely consumed edible tree nut.

It is better to know that, the roasted almond of cashew nuts more and more consumed is experiencing some expansion. We name cashew kernels the manufactured or processed cashew intended to human consumption. The oil we extract from cashew seems to have great organic value and comparable to olive or soya oil. Cashew nuts can also be transformed into cashew butter and various medicinal products.

As export and import are concerned, International market classifies India, Brazil and Vietnam as the major processors of the world’s favorite nut. Madagascar produces raw cashew nut of about 7000-8000 tons per year. And most of its crop goes directly to India – Tuticorin Sea Port. Note that India processes around 1.59 million tons of cashew nut per year. However, they only produce less than the half of what they produce.

Madamarket Export Cashew nuts
Madamarket Export Cashew nuts

Our service and our products.

MadaMarket Export offers cashew buyers the best quality or raw cashew – details below :

  • Raw cashew nuts
  • Madagascar Origin
  • Count nut : 210-220 / 230-240 / 250-260
  • Out turn : 46 – 48 lbs per 80 kg jute bag of raw cashew nut.
  • Collected from the North of Madagascar

We can supply up to 200 metric tons a year. As we are here for long-term relationship and repeated commands – for first touch, we invite customers to come to visit us in Madagascar and the production area for better trust between us. We welcome our buyers to follow the collection process for quality checking.

Payment terms : 30% advance and 70% remaining balance 3 days after submission of the scanned copy of B/L.