Black eye bean : Madagascar known as global exporter

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Known for its prominent black spot, Black eye bean also called black-eyed peas or black-eyed beans. Its colors changes slightly from While pale to light cream. This bean tastes sweet and delicious. MadaMarket Export exports high quality black eyed beans that originates from Madagascar. Quality that ranges from 480 to 500 grains per 100 grams.

Poeple in the pulses industry know how difficult it is to publish reliable information on the global market in any one particular bean class. This is especially correct for small classes as black eye bean. Because they are not exported in as big quantity as the other classes. Black eyed beans are more readily diluted in official statistics that tend to lump all beans together under one generic category. Below, you can find small statistics good to know about Madagascar market for black eye bean.

Black eye bean

Madagascar Black Eye Bean MadaMarket Export

Lately, Madagascar has emerged as a big name in the global market of black eye bean. Today, this big insland in the Indian Ocean exports between 16,000 MT and 21,000 MT of black eyed beans per year. In the year 2016, Turkey, Dubai, India and Europe ranked as the big buyers. However, this list evolves each year according to market and demand.

Madagascar exports most of its black eye bean production, with only about 12% of the crop goes to national needs (African recipee). Farmers normally seed black eyed beans from March to April and harvest from July to September. The new crop enters usually the market as early as July.

As size is concerned, in the year 2015, the crop estimated around 25,000 MT. He was reticent, however, when it came to forecasting 2016’s crop volume, noting only that planting would just be getting underway in March.

Madagascar has its well-positionned rank to become the world’s number one black eye bean exporter in 2016.


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