Madagascar: Exporters Black eyed beans

Madagascar: Exporters Black eyed beans

Black eyed bean supplier : The necessity to secure Black Eyed Bean sector

Black eyed bean supplier in Madagascar.

Figuring among major Black eyed bean supplier, Madagascar also built its renown worldwide for exporting vanilla, lychees and spice. In the recent years, the export of pulses exploses. Growing global demand allowed some farmers to specialize in growing pulses. Black eyed beans figure among pulses madagascar export to Asia, Europe and the United States. The Boeny region has made its specialty and focuses most of the production area of ​​black eyed bean in Madagascar. However, this bean sector still faces some difficulties. The volume of production decreased significantly over the last decade. The authorities of the Boeny region put in place measures to sustainably support the sector. The result should be palpable this year.

Marketing in two distinct markets

black eyed bean exporter

Black eyed bean figures among the cash crops.

That means, Madagascar does not process it. Farmers sell in bulk. Black eyed bean supplier machine clean and hand clean the material. After that, they sell it on the foreign market.

Madagascar people do not use Black eyed bean for consumption. Its culture destines this bean for export only. Usually, exported to Asian, European and North American markets. We can separate these destinations into two distinct markets for the quality of imported products. On the one side, the Asian market composed of India and Pakistan. And on the other side, the western market to which the EU, the Member States and And some countries of the Mediterranean.

In 2016, Madagascar exported nearly 15,000 tonnes of black eyes. 40% to the western market and about 33% to the Indo-Pakistan market. Both markets stand out as announcing earlier by the quality of black eyed bean that they import. The Western market demands many effort in terms of quality. They need first quality products and well calibrated. The Indo-Pakistani market imports this commodity from black eyed bean supplier ready to sell at lower price. This difference in quality also generates a difference in selling price.

“Measures to improve productivity and preserve quality” say black eyed bean supplier. 

In recent years, the volume of black eyes production in Madagascar has decreased significantly.

This problem resulted from organizational problems in the sector. Between 2011 and 2016, according to Black eyed bean supplier, the export volume decreased from 22,000 to 14,905 tonnes. In fact, few farmers specialize in Black Eyes culture. That is to say, those that focus solely on this culture. The majority of black eye producers are small producers. Productivity depends mainly on their financial capacity and the cultivable surface. Only few large producers invest in. Thus, they can not meet external demand despite a higher yield per hectare. Necessity of organization in the sector remains the first priority. However, many workshops have already been held in the Boeny region in order to make known to producers the potential of Black eyed beans. Preserving quality and improving productivity requires good control of the technical itinerary.


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