Black peppers, red peppercorns : the colors of the peppers

Black peppers, red peppercorns : the colors of the peppers


The colors of the peppers : The 4 different colors of pepper.

black peppers, red peppercorn, white and gray peppers… These are all the fruits of the pepper plant or pepper trees. We obtain the 4 colors of peppers thanks to the pepper harvest date and its manipulation. Green at the beginning of maturity, red orange at the end of the season. We will see in more detail how we get the color black or white.

Green pepper

madagascar green peppers red peppercorns

We name green peppers that picked at the beginning of maturity.

People consume green peppers in 4 forms:

    – Fresh, it is very easy to get in France, You can according to the season find on this page: buy fresh pepper.
    – Dehydrated it keeps dry. It must be immersed in water for 10 minutes before it is used for rehydration.
    – Freeze-dried (my favorite) dehydrated under low pressure it keeps more the freshness of green fruit.
    – Brine, it is kept in salt water little taste.


Black pepper

Black pepper Madagascar Madamarket Export

We name Black peppers, the pepper harvested green then dried in the sun.

The action of the sun will cause a fermentation in the heart of each grain. The farmer regularly returns the pepper so that it is well dried on all its surface. After 5 to 7 days, farmers sort and calibrate the black peppers. The best known are Kampot, Kerala, Lampong and Madagascar pepper.

Here in Madagascar, we grow the black peppers  “piper nigrum” cultivated in the eastern region of the Malagasy island. Harvested in the Analanjirofo region, these small black wrinkled grains are extremely aromatic with warm notes of brioche and fresh notes of sharp green fruits. With its rich essence and its very resinous nature, this black pepper figures among the success stories of Malagasy agricultural products.


Red peppercorns

red peppercorn madagascar madamarket export

What gives red peppercorns difference comes from its harvest.

Instead of harvesting it green as for black peppers, farmers harvest red-orange color. Then preferably dried in the shade to keep its dark red color. When ready, it loses weight but not much wrinklier than black pepper. At tasting, it looks more ripe fruit while keeping its spicy power. The most famous are the red pepper of Kampot, Phu-Quoc, Kerala.

In Madagascar, only few farmers offer red peppercorn. We can find the best providers of red pepper of Madagascar at competitive price. For that, just leave us a message using our contact form.

White pepper

Madagascar black pepper MadaMarket Export

Traditionally, providers obtain white pepper from red peppercorn.

They soak the grains in cold water for several days, changing the water regularly. The pericarp that surrounds the pepper seed comes off. Then, they rubbed the grains vigorously to remove them. the grains are then dried in the sun. The most popular are white pepper from Kampot, Kerala, and Penja. Unlike black peppers, white pepper touches softer.

Gray pepper

Mostly, providers propose it  in powder. 

Gray peppers results from crushing of black peppers. Not necessarily the most beautiful berries. It loses flavors very quickly and keeps the spicy side. We do not recommend it for buyers looking for tasty peppers.

Finally, enjoy the difference between each color to accompany your dishes. Generally Black peppers will go for meat, white for fish, red peppercorn for vegetables, meat and desserts, green for sauces.


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