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Cashew kernel supplier in Madagascar. Not only tasty, cashew kernel figures among the richest in nutriments and healthy. They bring a lot of benefits to the body the reason why people like it. Because of their delicate flavor, cashew nut finds its place as the favorite snack of many people. People can find it throughout the year. In addition to snacks, cashew kernel goes together with any salads, sweets, spreads and vegetable dishes. Butter made from cashew nuts, has a delicious flavor, too.

The cashew nuts come from the cashew nut (Anacardium occidental). We talk here about an evergreen tree native to Brazil with a maximum height of 12 m. It grows in many tropical regions of the world for its fruit and seeds. We call the fruit of this tree cashew apple to get the cashew nut. We can find it easily in Brazil, in the Caribbean and in African countries like Ivory Coast. Madagascar grows cashew nut but in small quantity. Despite this quantity, Madagascar figures among the best cashew kernel supplier.

cashew kernel supplier

Unlike the cashew apple, the seeds of this fruit – cashews – are known around the world for their taste and nutritional properties.

The nutritional value of cashew nut :

The average nutritional value for 100 g of fresh cashews works as follows:

Energetic value – 576 kcal

fat – 43.85 g

Protein – 18. 22 g

Thiamine – 0.423 mg

Niacin – 1.06 mg

Riboflavin – 0.058 mg

Calcium – 37 mg

Magnesium – 292 mg

Phosphorus – 593 mg

1 – The virtues of cashew nut for cardiovascular health

Cashews contain much less fat than other nuts. They, therefore has particularly their place as food suitable in diets for weight-loss. Two-thirds of the fat in cashews are unsaturated fatty acids. 75% of these fatty acids applies to oleic acid same as olive oil. Scientists know this acid for its beneficial effect on cardiovascular health.

2 – The beneficial effects of cashews on diabetes

Unsaturated fatty acids in cashews have beneficial effects on diabetes and help lower triglyceride levels. This protects against complications associated with high levels of sugar and cholesterol.

Regular consumption of cashews significantly reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3 – An important contribution in antioxidants

Cashews are an excellent source of antioxidants needed for protection against free radicals. The latter are now associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases, gray cataracts, cancer, joint diseases and many other health disorders.

4 – A wealth of copper

Cashew nut is rich in copper. This element plays an important role in the health of the body. Copper participates in certain physiological processes of the body, such as iron absorption, the fight against free radicals, the development of bones and connective tissues, the production of melanin – a pigment that gives skin and hair their natural color.

5 – Large amounts of magnesium

Cashews contain large amounts of magnesium. This compound is very important for metabolism. It plays a role in the formation of bones, proteins and fatty acids. It has effects on blood clotting and muscle relaxation. Regular consumption of magnesium can protect against high blood pressure, muscle cramps, headaches and chronic fatigue. Make sure to buy your cashews from high quality cashew kernel supplier.

6 – Organic cashew nut and weight loss

Nutritionists recommends eating cashews as part of a healthy diet. Indeed, they are rich in dietary fiber that provide a lot of energy. And it does not contain cholesterol.

Moderate consumption of these foods gives a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

7 – Prevention of gallstones

Regular consumption of organic cashew kernel from  high quality cashew kernel supplier significantly reduces the risk of gallstones. Study confirmed this fact involving more than 80,000 women who regularly ate cashews.

8 – Health of the teeth and oral cavity

Cashews maintain the health of teeth and gums. They destroy bacteria caused by tooth decay, gum disease, acne, tuberculosis and other diseases.

How to consume cashew kernels ?

It is recommended not to consume large quantities of cashews at a time. But, eating them gradually and them to one’s diet. Additionally, to replenish their health benefits, eat 30 grams of cashew nut, about eighteen nuts, three times a week. Then, we advise consumption of cashews from organic cashew kernel supplier. And lastly, doing exercises regularly will empower benefits of cashew nuts. Not to mention that good health has its relationship to good style of life. Eating cashew won’t work unless you change your way of life : that includes eating vegetables and fruits, too.


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