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Where to buy spice on the internet? Looking for natural spice shop online? A site where you will be sure to find quality products and great freshness? It’s your lucky day, because here you are in the right place! Buy from cinnamon supplier madagascar.

Who are we ?
A real company, with a real nice job …

Our company MadaMarket Export is located in Madagascar, where spices are naturally grown .

Before buying your spices, how to choose them?

Pure and natural spices

Pure spices are by definition “only” spices: they are raw, unmixed and give you frank aromas. They form the basis of spice blends. But to make yourself your own mixture can be very expensive: you will have to buy a large amount of pure spices: 4, 5 … maybe 10 spices to make your mix.

Among the spices, we can mention:

Turmeric: it is a sweet and sweet spice. Turmeric does not sting, it accompanies fish, poultry and some vegetables. It also slips into sauces.
Ginger: fresh and tonic, we love its captivating scent. It energizes sauces and gives “peps” to desserts. Sprinkle a light veil of ginger on your salmon patties after cooking, with a drizzle of soy sauce … it’s divine!
The paprika : velvety, we like its generous and enveloping aromas, warm, sweet, sweet. The paprika is wonderful with simmered cooking (before cooking), marinades, especially when they are sweet and salty.

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The tonka bean: this is a little bean that will bring happiness to your desserts. It combines perfectly with chocolate, but also with fruits (apples, pears, peaches, red fruits). If you do not know it, we tell you: the tonka bean is to discover absolutely !!
Cardamom: This is the flagship ingredient of Indian cuisines. Chicken tikka, korma … You can also add it to the rice to perfume it.
Cinnamon: we like its warm, delicate aroma, very fragrant and intense. It is used often in infusion: cinnamon stick. Cinnamon powder is easier to use, but it will keep a little longer than in sticks. Import from cinnamon supplier madagascar.
Spice blends
If the kitchen of the Spices has forged a solid reputation, it is undoubtedly for its mixtures of creative spices and savory which result from a meticulous assembly of spices and aromatic plants selected from our trusted suppliers. These spice blends are rich in aromas and above all, easy to use!

Below are a few dozen original spice mixes:

Tajine spices: generously perfumed, they invite to travel. Ideal for simmering tasty tagines with apricots, peaches, olives …
Fish Mix: This is one of our flagship spice blends!
Mix red meat: a real delight as well for the cooking of the red meat and poultry with the grill, with the pan or cooking simmered in casserole!
Mixture for vegetables: this is a mixture that we can hardly do without having tasted it! It sublimates vegetables, but also salads, omelettes, potatoes …
Indian spices: a real journey of the senses! These spices will allow you to find all the flavors of traditional Indian dishes, long simmered and fragrant …

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In addition, we are happy to share with you a multitude of latest news about spice industry through our website blog.

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