Black pepper exporter from Madagascar

The word spice rhymes with Madagascar black pepper !

YA…!!! The black pepper all housewives have in their kitchen. Black pepper is considered as the King of all Spices. For years, Madagascar Black pepper increased its place in the pepper market as well as in the export.

Black pepperderives from the still-green unripe grapes of the pepper tree. The grapes once cooked in minutes in hot water will get both cleaned and prepared for drying. The heat received breaks cell walls in the madagascar black pepper, accelerating the work of coloration into dark brown during drying. The grapes loses weight under the sun for several days, during which the pepper around the seed turns shrinks and dark coloration into a thin, wrinkled black layer. Once fully , one gest the black peppercorn.  A single stem bears 20 to 30 fruiting spikes.

Madagascar Black Pepper 550g/l

Madagascar Black Pepper 550g/l

After Vietnam, Madagascar emerged in the world of spice class – striving cultivation and export of black pepper. Black Pepper industry in an incredible big market that no country would want to miss. Over the last ten years Madagascar has step by step increased its power in pepper global market. This big island in the middle of Indian Ocean and in the East of Africa continuously  increases its effort in including the Madagascar Black Pepper as an avoidable import products.

Although, Vietnam produces up to 150,000 metric tons per year, its crop season ends while Madagascar Black pepper season starts. Fortunately for Madagascar! Our product mainly has its purchasers both for spice and seasoning in kitchen and for medicinal purposes, needed in oleoresin and oil industry. For that, we aim at supplying buyers with high quality black pepper. We can commit all types of specifi requirements from buyers around the globe.

The advantages of Madagascar black pepper resides mostly in its stable quality and output. Since 2008, Madagascar strived and put all its efforts in increasing growing capacity of black pepper. Although Madagascar black pepper knows high price compared to other countries, it bets its value for sure in quality.


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