Using Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Powder in Recipes

Using Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Powder in Recipes

Products with vanilla unanimously delight pastry enthusiasts. Vanilla is also used to flavor other sweet recipes, as well as savory ones. When we talk about vanilla, vanilla pods immediately come to mind. People are used to using this spice in this form. But despite their popularity, vanilla pods are not always accessible to everyone’s budget. Artificial vanilla products are available. The scent resembles vanilla, especially vanillin, but some aromatic compounds of natural vanilla are absent. As a substitute for vanilla pods, vanilla powder or vanilla extract can be used. Nearly 80% of the world’s vanilla comes from Madagascar. Vanilla from Madagascar, in the form of pods, powder, extract, and paste, is highly appreciated for its high aromatic and gustatory quality.

What is vanilla powder?

Vanilla powder is simply dried vanilla pods ground into powder. It is the product that most closely resembles the aroma of vanilla pods. The pods used for making vanilla powder always offer an intense vanilla flavor, even if the aroma has slightly volatilized during drying. Some vanilla powders are even obtained by grinding quality pods and spent pods. Vanilla powder is used as a spice in dry mixes, as an ingredient in recipes, and as a topping on dishes.

The flavor of real vanilla powder is much stronger than that of vanilla extract. Vanilla powder contains neither sugar nor alcohol. It can be used in all recipes as it dissolves quickly in liquids. Vanilla powder should not be confused with vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar is simply a mixture of vanilla powder and sugar in the same proportion. The vanilla aroma is logically less intense.

How can we integrate ingredients containing Vanilla Powder Uses into our daily meals?

What is the right dose of vanilla powder to substitute for other vanilla products?

Drying and grinding vanilla pods yields vanilla powder. It therefore has a very concentrated flavor, just like the pod. Vanilla pods can easily be replaced with vanilla powder with simpler dosage. Half a teaspoon of powder is equivalent to one vanilla pod and one teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanilla paste in recipes.

In what situations can vanilla powder be used?

Vanilla powder is a dry product devoid of alcohol, unlike vanilla extract. Its use is excellent in certain situations to give a vanilla flavor to savory and sweet preparations.

Capricious dough mixture in pastry

Preparing macarons is quite delicate, as they are capricious in liquid. Adding a small amount of additional liquid can ruin the recipe. It is better to use vanilla powder rather than vanilla extract to ensure the success of the recipe. Vanilla extract is a viscous and syrupy substance, but it remains liquid. And its use in preparing capricious recipes increases the amount of liquid.

High heat cooking or during a long period

Vanilla extract cannot withstand heat, as the evaporation of alcohol leads to the dissipation of some of the vanilla aroma. To preserve the power of the vanilla aroma in dishes cooked over high heat or simmered for a long period, it is best to use vanilla powder.

Preparing a recipe sensitive to color

Vanilla products without coloring abound in the market, but they are not made from real vanilla pods. This is a synthetic, colorless substance that only tastes like vanilla. Pure vanilla extract is brown in color, so its use can alter the color of certain foods. The originality of the recipe is no longer there! This is particularly the case when using vanilla extract for whipped cream frosting or vanilla ice cream. To avoid using colorless imitation vanilla extract, one can always rely on vanilla powder. Moreover, the presence of brown and chocolaty powder confirms the presence of vanilla in the preparation in addition to its intense aroma.

Preparing vanilla products

Vanilla powder is used to make vanilla sugar or vanilla salt. Just a quarter teaspoon of vanilla powder is enough to flavor a cup of salt or sugar. Vanilla powder is also perfect for making dry blends of vanilla and dried oats. This blend is used for breakfast in pancakes or protein drinks. Once well mixed, the vanilla products should be stored in jars with a tight-fitting lid.

Naturally-flavored coffee

Certainly, there is already a wide range of vanilla-flavored coffees available, but these products rarely use natural vanilla. Most are flavored with artificial vanilla flavors. Making your own blend is the best way to get a coffee with the scent of vanilla. There are two ways to prepare it, either by mixing vanilla powder with ground coffee according to the desired proportion or by adding a teaspoon of vanilla powder directly to the cup of coffee when it is still hot.

Vanilla topping on top of dishes

Vanilla powder is used in pastry and bakery as an ingredient in doughs, but also as a topping. Preparations are sprinkled with vanilla powder before being baked or served to consumers. Many people prefer to mix vanilla powder with ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and sugar. This gives a particular aroma to savory dishes, sauces, waffles, yogurt, fruits, smoothies….

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