Madagascar pink peppercorn

Madagascar pink peppercorn

Madagascar pink peppercorn or Baie rose de Madagascar


Madagascar pink peppercorn tastes succulent, ideally for enhancing the taste of salads, meats or sautéed fish. In this small red grain hides a powerful fragrance and a sweet flavor. During your trip to Madagascar, you will be able to taste recipes flavored with this unusual spice.

Madagascar: main world producer of pink peppercorn or Baie rose


Otherwise called baie rose de Madagascar, the pink peppercorn is a fruit on which Madagascar’s reputation is based. The island is one of the world’s leading producers of this non-pungent false pepper. Along with Brazil, South America and New Caledonia. It is especially on the east coast of the Big Island that we can find this condiment. The light, ferralitic and sandy loam character of the land in this fertile area of ​​the country is favorable to it. The Madagascar pink peppercorn also thrives on alluvial soils in other regions.

The Madagascar pink peppercorn, pink pepper, red pepper, bourbon pepper, Chinese coffee, Brazilian pepper, or even false pepper is a plant that came from South America. People introduced the baie rose de Madagascar in the island. Highly sought after in the food industry and for certain flavors, the Madagascar Pink Peppercorn is a sweet spice with a slightly peppery taste with a hint of anise.


Cultivation of the Madagascar Pink Peppercorn

Supplier of Pink Peppercorn of Madagascar

For the successful cultivation of this Madagascar pink peppercorn, installation of an impluvium in order to conserve the fertilizing elements of the soil remains necessary. In most cases, the pink berries are planted by cutting, but it is also possible to grow baie rose de Madagascar by seed. Farmers harvest it between the months of December and January, April and June.

Species cultivated on the Madagascar island are planted from the schinus terebinthifolius, a variety belonging to the anacardiceae family. In the country, we find two varieties of baie rose de Madagascar : the acutifolius with leaves measuring 22 cm and with pink fruits on the one hand, and terebentifolius terebentifolius with smaller leaves of 17 cm.

In Madagascar, baie rose grow on the east coast, in the highlands and in some alluvium. It was introduced by planters from Réunion. The pink berry tree can measure 15 meters, the berries have a red color and are small in size. The tree blooms towards the beginning of the year and allows you to have 500g up to 2kg of spice. Contact us using our contact form if you are looking for Madagascar pink peppercorn wholesaler.


Madagascar Pink Peppercorn or Baie Rose de Madagascar


The cultivation of pink pepper on the Big Island began when the Reunionese settled in the highlands west of Antananarivo, more precisely in the region of the Sakay River. The first tree planted on the island dates back to the late 1940s and 1950s. It was from this tree that local growers made cuttings. Before being sold in the market, pink berries must be dried in the shade for a few days. Then, they are sorted to keep only good quality seeds.
Recipes based on pink berries not to be missed in Madagascar.


Madagascar Pink Peppercorn recipes


With its resinous scent between juniper and pepper, the Madagascar pink peppercorn or baie rose de Madagascar can also flavor pasta or rice. Its semi-sweet, semi-peppery flavor makes it a popular condiment among Westerners. During your trip to Madagascar, please your taste buds by savoring the delicious dishes flavored with pink peppercorn. The great starred chefs of the Big Island will know how to satisfy your desires with their succulent recipes such as salmon carpaccio with lime and pink berries, sea bass fillet in steamed Madagascar pink peppercorn and tomato risotto, lettuce hearts salad with smoked halibut and with mustard sauce with pink berries, etc. They are real delicacies!

You can accompany this sweet spice with other condiments by grinding them in a mortar. You can sprinkle your dishes with a pinch of pink berry for more flavor and color to dishes such as salmon terrine and zucchini carpaccio.


Export of Madagascar Pink Peppercorn wholesaler


Madagascar exports pink peppercorn as being of the highest quality. On the market, a kilogram of this baie rose de Madagascar can cost up to 13 euros for the Grade 1. It is mainly used to spice up refined dishes and for the production of essential oil. Also, many Malagasy operators have interest in planting the Madagascar pink peppercorn. And companies have already started farming to sell the plants to operators. Many associations share the techniques of cultivating this baie rose de Madagascar with peasants and destitute populations in order to fight poverty. As the Madagascar pink peppercorn grows naturally in the island, pink berries trees grow all over the wasteland of the highlands and the east coast and many operators pick, without having a plantation. In addition, the Madagascar pink peppercorn is not well-known and little used in the country. However, growing easily in some areas of the island, the pink berries could very well improve the lives of farmers. At the moment, the production of this rare spice is still relatively low.


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