Pink peppercorn : Madagascar improves its production for export

Madagascar pink peppercorn : farmers grow more and more each year.

In 2015, the pink peppercorn or rose baises industry generated 157 million Ariary and in July 2016. It reached 276 million Ariary. It belongs to the high potential market and one of the flagship products of the Bongolava region, as well as Ankadinondry Sakay, Tsiroanomandidy, Ambararatabe.

About 313 households live directly on the pink peppercorn culture. And more than 700 families share parts in the production process, from planting to product triage. However, only ten exporters operate in the exportation of this spice.

Pink peppercorns madagascar- madamarket export

Pink peppercorns madagascar- madamarket export

The pink peppercorn or pink pepper berries belong to the most popular spices list. It sells well on the international market. The inquiries covers about 250,000 tons per year according to the International Trade Center (ITC) statistics. Madagascar exports about 30 tons per year. Despite of this, demand still around 66 tons. In other words, supplies cannot afford demands. This low production also explains the fact that the pink peppercorns overshadowed the cash crops with a well-established reputation such as vanilla and clove.

Japanese and the Europeans figure among the main importers of Madagascar pink peppercorn. Because of this spice commonly used as an ingredient in Japanese cuisine. While the Europeans use it as perfume and for pastry. In Madagascar, malagasy people do not use this spice in everyday life.

Pink peppercorns : farmers need further help for the development of the area.

Since 2014, Madagascar sets up projects to support pink peppercorn producers.

The projects aimed at guaranteeing an increase in production, but also to guarantee a transfer of value added in peasantry through the ginning of the berries. The government carried out capacity building and technical frameworks. We note for example plant propagation, size, maintenance, post-harvest technics, etc. They aimed at producing high quality pink peppercorn and increasing producers’ level. These activities provided several convincing results in terms of the development of the sector. The income of producers engaged in the contract farming process increased. Agricultural producer cooperatives have been formed, for example. But this dynamism of the sector is still weak and deserves to be supported not to lose the gains.

These Madagascar Island pink peppercorn have a fruity sweet flavor and are very delicate. MadaMarket Export supplies bulk quantity of Pink berries.


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