Quality vanilla bean : price remains high

Quality vanilla bean : price remains high

Quality Vanilla Bean – Madagascar Origin.

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The website of a Canadian vanilla trader talks about a possible ban on the export of madagascar vanilla. The Ministry of Commerce denies. Aust & Hachmann Canada, one of the world’s leading vanilla merchants, published on May 25 that Madagascar may get banned from export of vanilla. Firsty, the reason resides in the the instability of quality vanilla bean.  Secondly, the pricce on the international market. “We believe that vanilla bean suppliers still hold several hundred tonnes of unsold vanilla. The most of these due to unstable quality, too wet and of poor quality,” says Aust & Hachmann Canada. The early harvest of green vanilla that has undermined the campaign of 2017 still continues this year, and “a blow to the reputation of the Malagasy pod,” describes the site.

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“Although there was an improvement in quality in 2016, quality deteriorated considerably.  Mainly because of the combination of immature pods and the vacuum packaging. Vanilla bean supplier harvest non ripen pods. Madagascar vanilla will never recover its original quality if bad practices continue, “explains the website of the Canadian company. After a broad description of the quality issue and in comparison with other potential markets such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, the site even speaks of the worst scenario. “There are rumors that a total ban on the export of vanilla will be in effect from June 30. But so far, we have seen nothing official”, however, reserves the site of the company.

Information refuted by Nourdine Chabani himself, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. “There is no question of prohibition at all. We are talking about a shift in the opening of the campaign for this year, “he said.
The campaign will begin on July 15, almost two weeks after what should have been the opening date. A decision serving as a beacon to the risk of harvesting green vanilla. The numerous interventions undertaken for almost ten years to improve the future of quality vanilla bean are constantly developing. Which normally has to maintain its quality as a leader in production and world quality.

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Tombo Tan Hun Man, president of the Regional Platform for Concertation and Piloting of the Vanilla Industry (PCRCP) in the Sava region proposes, among other things, to eliminate “cuts”. “These vanilla cut, not exceeding 9 cm, should not be exported because they encourage the harvest of immature vanilla. Thieves are eager to wait for maturity in general because they want to have quick money. Cut quality is easy for them, “explains the operator.
He announced, however, that measures are being taken in particular with the Sava Planters and Buyers Group (GPAS) and the authorities to improve the export quality of green gold. Bonuses ranging from 100,000 ar to 500,000 ary are available to whistleblowers or those who move a single stem of the coveted spice. Inventory registration, the census of vanilla collectors and preparers, and the securing of plants are underway to prepare for the 2018 campaign.

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