Securing the Black eye pea sector of Madagascar

Securing the Black eye pea sector of Madagascar

Operators and growers of Black eye pea have as primary target : securing this sector in Madagascar. A win-win agreement by both parties as the operators, will provide quality seeds. This will sustain technical support to growers, too. These beneficiaries will have the same operators as exclusive customers of their end products.

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Platform for consultation and decision

Farmers of black eye pea, the first affected by the misdeeds of these” speculators “

The Deputy of the Boeny Region, Saïd Ahamad Jaffar knows that this sector is “strategic” for the Region. However, “malicious speculators” puts it currently in danger. Yet, the field belongs to the lead sources of sustainable activity. It also guarantees the economic life of several families of farmers in this region. The sector, then, deserves a very particular attention from the local authorities. To this end, a platform consisting of economic operators, representatives of the police, officials of deconcentrated technical Services – Trade, Customs, Treasury, Transport, Taxation and technical staff of the Region – will be set up. It will be a platform for consultation. But also a joint decision on this product called “flagship” by the same head of region.

Money laundering

Suspicion of money laundering by foreign operators of black eye pea

Recall that the “Lojy” or Black-eye, whose market price is estimated at 2,000 MGA per kilo, is currently being outbid by foreign operators with “dubious authorization” and who, according to local authorities, offer an exorbitant price for a very punctual operation, disrupting the agreement established between local operators and growers. “Unfair” competition that breaks agreements between farmers and local operators, forcing them to stop supporting farmers because of lack of loyalty. There is therefore a risk that production will decrease.The survival of the sector whose future becomes increasingly uncertain.

Still according to the local authorities, a suspicion of money laundering by these foreign operators is even mentioned. “It is difficult for local authorities to monitor the respect of the repatriation of foreign currency. But the monitoring of such transactions becomes titanic or impossible because of the lack of resources while Madagascar is part of the SADC where the free exchange of goods within the area is almost effective.

MadaMarket Export Black eye beans - Madagascar origin

MadaMarket Export Black eye beans – Madagascar origin

Beneficial for health

Note that the Big Island exports Black eye pea mainly to Mauritius, Pakistan and Thailand.

A sector supported by the PROSPERER program, particularly in the neighboring Region – the Sofia Region – for capacity building of farmers, seed improvement and extension of production tools such as hullers. The yield per hectare should in principle double to one tonne if the cultivation methods, accompanied by quality seeds, are respected.

As a reminder, the “Lojy” is consumed by more than 200 million people in Africa. But the same craze is spreading in Asia because it is a balanced food with health benefits: anti-cholesterol food, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, regulator of the digestive system and temperature of the human body. Moreover, this crop adapts well to dry climates and arid lands.


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