From where does vanilla bean come from ?

From where does vanilla bean come from ?

5 minutes to know everything about vanilla bean

Carefully refined in Madagascar, ones consider vanilla bean as the ultimate fragrance for ice cream.
Its brown and fine pods, coveted by the greatest chefs, exhale the sweetest of perfumes. Back on its history and its preparation.

Vanilla : A name that smells good Madagascar

80% of the vanilla crop comes from Madagascar

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The beginning of the 19th century, Madagascar received the first vanilla orchid fromMexico. Used by the Aztecs to perfume their cocoa drink, the Spanish conquerors brought vanilla bean to Europe, which in turn succumbs to its delicate aroma. The French decided to cultivate it Madagascar, formerly known as Bourbon Island. In reference to this origin, the vanilla produced in the Indian Ocean received the name of Bourbon vanilla since 1964.

How to pollinate the vanilla bean ?

For twenty years, the vanilla lianas established in Reunion remain infertile, the insect or the bird able to pollinate its missing flowers. In 1841, Edmond Albius, a budding botanist slave, found the secret of manual fertilization, lifting with a pike the partition separating the male and female organs from the flower. The future of Bourbon vanilla is assured …

The east coast of Madagascar, cradle of vanilla plantation

Many producers settled on the east coast of the island. Between Vohémar the far north and Manakara the South East of Madagascar. Mananara Nord, Sambava and Antalaha the most cultivators. They grow vanilla bean in the undergrowth or under shade a nearly thousands of hectares of  vanilla plantation. They produce around 1500 tons of these high-end vanilla pods each year. Producers and exporters sell gourmets on the island or join, in metropolitan France, the shelves of delicatessens.

How to cure vanilla bean ? The technics.

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First, vanilla bean requires two years of care to move from the flower to the precious brown pod! Inspired by Mexican techniques, Madagascar vanilla farmers developed the manufacturing process in the 19th century. It begins by scalding the vanilla pods green  in water brought to 65 ° C. After then, steaming time takes place where they acquire their beautiful black color.

DRy vanilla pods in the sun

Natural drying, daily sunshine for 2 to 3 weeks, then shaded racks is a determining factor for the quality of Bourbon vanilla. To develop their aroma, producers then store for 2 to 3 months in a wooden trunk  with waxed paper inside.

Where to buy vanilla bean ?

Madagascar produces nearly 80% of the vanilla bean production early. After visiting its plantations and workshops (or those of private producers accessible to the public), you cannot resist the purchase of pods, coffee or vanilla soap …

Flavor a warm milk, decorate a duck or flavor a cake: place for Bourbon vanilla on your table table. According to chef Olivier Roellinger, a third of quality vanilla bean are enough for culinary preparations for 4 to 6 people. You have to split the pod in the length and scratch the seeds with the back of a small knife.

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