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Are you looking for a vanilla bean supplier or vanilla bean wholesaler? Contact MadaMarket Export. Oh the magic of vanilla … a huge favorite of men that dates back centuries. When we meet her, we can not remain faithful to her life. One of the most expensive spices in the world, whose quality really makes the difference in cooking. At least compared to some other products I’m talking about, it’s familiar to you. Find vanilla bean supplier in Madagascar I just wanted to talk to you today about her, what her origins are, how it becomes so black and scented, and give you some recipes (although I’m sure they do not miss your advice on how to choose, use, store, and recycle it). She will have no secrets for you! And next time, a recipe with vanilla.


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Vanilla is the fruit of a plant, a kind of vine belonging to the family of orchids It is in the heart of the flower. Fresh, it is, of course, green and becomes black only after a long process (see below). It needs a humid and hot climate and grows in undergrowth or under-shade (special greenhouses).
The exact place of birth is not really known, although what is certain is that the vanilla comes from South America (Mesoamerican), including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, … and was used in a chocolate drink by local well-off classes for many centuries :-). It was called the black flower of the Atzecs
It arrived in Europe thanks to the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century and the craze was total … hence the increase in its value.

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Originally, vanilla was naturally fertilized by a special bee that is found only in South America. This is why, for a long time, attempts to grow vanilla in other geographical areas, with similar climate and often European colonies, remained unsuccessful.
In the nineteenth century (in 1836) that place the first artificial pollination (so by the hand of man) in a botanical garden in Liège but it was not until 1841, on the island of Reunion (to the Bourbon era hence the name of vanilla) that a slave (Edmond Albius) invents the current pollination method. And from there was born the great future of vanilla outside of its cradle.
Today it is produced mainly in Madagascar, the island of Reunion but also in Mexico, Tahiti, Indonesia and now also in India.
There are three varieties of vanilla:
– the vanilla planifoglia, which is that Bourbon and the original one since it was cultivated in Mexico
-Vanilla tahitensis: more subtle it has a unique aroma. This is also the one that is often used in perfumery
-The vanilla pompona also called vanilla, less precious and little cultivated


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Like many flowers (just think for example, of the zucchini flower), it lasts only a few hours—magic for fertilization. Pollination therefore occurs by hand (most of the time women), one by one, from September to December. The fruit needs several months (8 to 10 months) to grow.
Then each fruit is also picked by hand (mostly by women), one by one.
It takes about 4 kg of green pods to obtain 1 kg of dry and fragrant pods.
Vanilla undergoes three treatments before arriving in our kitchens. Basic steps that will guarantee its unique fragrance and its conservation
Scalding: in order to stop life and fermentation, the pods are immersed in hot water (63 ° C) for three minutes
Steaming: The pods are then placed in large crates covered with woolen blankets (by the way, it looks like my grandmother’s method of keeping warm and draft-proof, so they’ll dry out and become This stage lasts half a day
Drying: the pods are left to dry for 2 to 6 weeks in the sun at 65 ° C and then in the shade. Only long experience and know-how make it possible to evaluate when to remove them. It is important that the climate is a bit dry (Madagascar in particular, the largest producer, is often subject to cyclones or particularly wet seasons that compromise this stage). Find vanilla bean supplier in Madagascar
Trunking This is the moment of ripening. The vanilla pods are placed in trunks and checked regularly to remove any moldy pods, but especially to assess the state of ripening. Here too, know-how is essential. This is when vanilla develops its beautiful aroma.
The pods are subsequently calibrated and selected. The largest and most luscious will be the most expensive and will be sold whole. The others will be used in the composition of other products such as vanilla sugar, vanilla extract, etc.


Find vanilla bean supplier in Madagascar

Choose whole pods, luscious, shiny to the sensation to the touch (so not dry). Although slightly more expensive, one can find excellent pods in delicatessens or online at lower prices than those in supermarkets or organic stores.
In Paris, visit Roellinger and ask to visit the vanilla cellar. There is nothing spectacular on a visual level but it is suggestive and we learn a lot, and we come out with beautiful vanilla pods from three continents. Find vanilla bean supplier in Madagascar
To bring out the seeds, simply cut in half lengthwise and scratch inside with a knife.
You can store the entire dried vanilla in a jar with a lid (preferably sterilized beforehand) in a dry and cool place. If it is very hot (which is not the case here), keep them in a bag at the bottom of the fridge, but be careful that they do not absorb moisture.
You can also keep them in bags in the freezer and take it out as and when needed (half a day before use).


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Ice cream:
Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla ice cream and condensed milk
Pecan vanilla ice cream
White chocolate ice cream
Coconut strawberry ice cream
Lemon sorbet, yogurt and vanilla
Creams and cakes:
Vanilla cream and condensed milk
Chocolate Charlotte with Vanilla
Tropézienne pie
Panna cotta with vanilla and orange blossom
Tarbais bean cream, apples and sautéed pears
White chocolate cream, olive oil and vanilla

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Snow Eggs
Crème brûlée with spices
Breton Shortbread
Breton pancakes
Canestrelli of Liguria
Shortbread with vanilla and fleur de sel
Lemon and vanilla marmalade
Fig jam with vanilla
Cannellini bean jam
Coconut pineapple jam


Find vanilla bean supplier in Madagascar

Do not throw the pods away. Clean them, dry them, and place them in a box with sugar to create vanilla sugar. Or brew them in olive oil (or grape seed oil if you prefer a more neutral flavor) for 2 weeks or rum for a month to get some homemade vanilla extract (recipe HERE). Find vanilla bean supplier in Madagascar
You can also mix them with sugar just before use.
And what is your favorite use of vanilla?


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