Make vanilla bean powder homemade

Make vanilla bean powder homemade

What to do with vanilla beans used? Oil, extract, powder and vanilla salt

Making vanilla bean powder supplier is easy.

How to choose?

Buy directly from specialized traders on the net

Usually in substantial enough quantity to “hold” 6 months. You can contact us for that end. Word of mouth does a lot in this area and, for the moment, I have not had any bad surprises. The pod you have to buy must embalm the vanilla, be glossy and greasy to the touch and well rounded.

How to keep it? For my part, I store them in hermetic tubes of the test tube type and protected from light. No need to put water or rum inside or put in the fridge.

How to use it? Split it in half with the tip of a knife and scrape the inside with the same knife to recover the seeds. Mix these with your preparation. You can also dive the cloves split and emptied provided of course to recover them later.

The lighter your vanilla pods are, the easier it will be to split them and get the most grain.


– What to do when my vanilla pods have become dry? I can not split them in half.

Do not worry. If they are of good quality, their flavors will not be altered by desiccation. Put them in a small jar with a bottom of water. In 24 hours, they will be moistened and you can use them without difficulty. Some rehydrate them quickly by immersing them for a minute in hot water but I have not tried this technique.

– How to extract the maximum flavor of a vanilla bean infused?

In general, we advise you to let them infuse half an hour minimum. The “pros” of vanilla will tell you that you should not boil the milk but rather only bring it to a shudder and then let it sit overnight in the fridge. It’s longer but it’s really worth it.

vanilla bean powder supplier

Once you’ve used the vanilla pods, do not throw them away. Rinse them and dry them with paper towels.
Then, different options are available to you …

There is the very classic vanilla sugar:
In a jar of sugar, plunge the vanilla pods and let it soak in the scent of vanilla. After one to two weeks, you will have a vanilla sugar much cheaper and more natural than the one you sell in supermarkets.
Same principle with other spices like cardamom and you can offer it as a gourmet gift for mistresses.

Olive oil with vanilla (used in this tartar of summer land and sea): heat slightly for 10 minutes the pods with olive oil. Let cool and pour with the pods in a jar.

Import from vanilla bean powder supplier

The vanilla extract:
– 4 to 6 vanilla pods
– 20 cl of vodka
Dip 4 to 6 vanilla pods used in 20 cl of vodka. Keep away from light. One to two months later, you will get vanilla extract. I read that it gets better with time. Remember to refill it with vodka and vanilla from time to time. It’s simple right? Vanilla bean powder supplier

Vanilla powder:
– 4 to 6 vanilla pods
– 10g of sugar
Mix in small pulses (4 seconds maximum) 4 to 6 vanilla pods with 10g of sugar per pod until a coarse powder is obtained. It is less fine than in commerce, that’s for sure. You can perfume your creams, your cakes …
And finally vanilla salt:
-125g of fleur de sel
– 2 cloves of dried vanilla
Mix in small pulses of the fleur de sel with the vanilla pods. Use to season fish, scallop carpaccio, mashed potatoes, tomato salad etc.
Note: mixing in small pulses will prevent the vanilla from heating up and losing its aroma.

vanilla bean powder supplier

Vanilla flavored coffee
Flavor your vanilla coffee by leaving at least 15 days a pod used in your sealed coffee pot.

Jam and cakes:
In the jam and some cakes, I even leave the pod detailed in small pieces in the preparation. it will remain soft, like “confit”. Find vanilla bean powder supplier

Meat “Brochettes” with vanilla bean

To prick my meat, I use the vanilla pods that have a little dried It’s just easier to prick the meat. You can do the same with with vanilla plump. I use the whole pod that I cut in several sections, bevels. Then I make a slot in the length to allow the pulp to diffuse its aroma in the meat. I cut into the meat with the thin blade of a knife to introduce the vanilla, like garlic. I made my Bourbon vanilla Bean confit lamb like that for Easter! Kisses

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