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Vanilla bean seeds | Pure Vanilla extract | Vanilla bean 150$
vanilla bean seeds




Food industries increasingly prefer to use vanilla bean seeds and vanilla paste. With the price of vanilla that may have an impact during this Covid19, the ability to buy vanilla pods becomes low.


Use of vanilla bean seeds

Find out what you can do with vanilla seeds

The best way to use vanilla is undoubtedly to start with the basic product: the pod ! The concern is knowing how to use it well and how not to spoil it, given the price of this wonderful spice : using of vanilla bean seeds

So let’s find out all there is to know about the use of vanilla bean  NB: discover vanilla with vanilla pods from the spiced island, high quality pods from Madagascar

Possibility of L/C Payment term

Although our preferred payment term is 30% advance and balance against scanned copy of documents, we can offer Letter of Credit L/C under certain conditions. Kindly ask us.



Using vanilla bean seeds

The black vanilla bean seeds contained in vanilla pods contain the vast majority of the flavor properties of the spice and the health benefits of vanilla, it is the main part used for flavoring, the epitome of vanilla.

The quantity and quality of the beans depend on the quality of the vanilla pods, see our article which explains how to select a quality vanilla.

When you want to use them, flatten the pod with the back of a knife, split the pods in half lengthwise with the tip of the knife, just run along it in one go while holding the blade of the knife against his thumb, and scrape the inside to collect the seeds. Use these seeds for cooking, for example, when a recipe says “1 vanilla bean” it implies “the seeds of a whole vanilla bean”.

Vanilla seeds are used everywhere.


In the sweet kitchen of course, where they flavor all desserts and all drinks, but also in savory cuisine. Check out our vanilla recipes for ideas.

If in a recipe you are told that you only need half a pod, then split only half the pod and leave the vanilla bean seeds of the second half in the husk to keep them well.

Check out our article on how to store vanilla.

Use the cored pods
Vanilla is expensive, and even more and more expensive, hence the interest in not wasting a crumb! That is why industrial companies buy vanilla bean seeds for not to waste more kgs in just husks.

When you have removed the seeds from the pods, don’t throw away the hollowed-out pods, there are plenty of tips to recycle them! Of course, the following recipes are even better if you add the vanilla beans. So what to do with pods once emptied? Use it for:

Make homemade vanilla bean sugar

Check out our vanilla sugar recipe here. Of course, if you want to boost the taste of your vanilla bean seeds in the sugar, that’s best, but with patience, the vanilla husk is enough.

Flavor a liquid preparation
Do you want to flavor a drink, milk or dessert with vanilla? Use your pod without the seeds, for example by infusing it in your hot milk, or in your hot chocolate, in your tea, in a syrup, in jam, in a compote, in an exotic cocktail, or an infusion, etc. .

With this method, you can rinse and wipe off the pod for more later, and so on until it is flavorless at all.


Make homemade vanilla extract

Put the equivalent of 6 pods with all their vanilla bean seeds (or more) with 20 cl of strong alcohol in a bottle, ideally white rum, or otherwise vodka with a more neutral flavor, for at least 3 months, ideally 6 months, in stirring about once a week at the start.

Vanilla extract can be stored for dozens of years and will improve like fine wine.

Doing it yourself takes a long time, but will save you money because this little nectar is very expensive. To learn more, check out our homemade vanilla extract recipe.

Make vanilla powder

Import vanilla bean seeds from MadaMarket Export

Dry your emptied pods and put them to dry, either in the open air and at room temperature, if it is not too cold, or by putting them in the oven for ten minutes at low temperature, between 40 and 50 ° C (th. 1 or 2).

Once dried, blend them until you obtain a fine vanilla powder that you will use in your recipes.

Vanilla powder is a solution when you don’t know what to replace vanilla with.

Make vanilla salt

Put 2 well-dried vanilla pods with their vanilla bean seeds in the blender and mix. Add 125 g of salt to the bowl of the blender and pulse everything together. Over here to buy some vanilla salt.

Make vanilla rum

The vanilla bean with all their vanilla bean seeds inside is one of the basic ingredients for making homemade rums, but not only: punch, vodka, cocktails, etc.

Just put the pods to infuse in alcohol to give it a subtle and wonderful vanilla scent.

Make flavored oil
Put your scraped pods to infuse for 3 weeks




    Vanilla Bean QualityLength (Size)Humidity RateVanillin Rate
    Black Gourmet - Grade 1
    Non Split
    13cm to 15cm and
    16cm +
    29% to 38%1.7% and
    1.8% +
    TK Vanilla - Grade 113cm to 15cm and
    16cm +
    25% to 30%1.7% and
    1.8% +
    Red EU or Grade 2
    Whole and Split
    12cm +25% to 30%1.5% to 1.7%
    Short Red EU Type Grade 2
    Whole and Split
    10cm to 11cm25% to 30%1.5% to 1.7%
    Red US Type - Grade 3
    Whole and Split
    12cm +20% to 25%1.4% to 1.6%
    Short Red US Type - Grade 3
    Whole and Split
    10cm to 11cm20% to 25%1% to 1.5%
    Cuts Grade 4All sizes14% to 20%0.5% to 1%
    Vanilla Bean Packing

    As vacuum packing vanilla bean is forbidden in Madagascar, we provide our customers with 25 kg cardboard box - 5kg Greasy paper film - Bootee with natural raffia or nylon Strings. However, all other packing choices are welcomed, kindly ask us so we can discuss.
    All documents as Commercial invoice, Certificate of origin, Phytosanitary certificate, Packing list/weight note... will be made on your company name.

    Possibility of L/C Payment term

    Although our preferred payment term is 30% advance and balance against scanned copy of documents, we can offer Letter of Credit L/C under certain conditions. Kindly ask us.

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