Vanilla powder and its different forms on the market

Vanilla powder and its different forms on the market

Vanilla powder is obtained from high-quality pods. These are dried and finely ground. Powdered vanilla is more convenient and easier to store than fresh vanilla beans. The aroma of vanilla powder is certainly less intense than that of fresh vanilla, but it is well-scented for greater practicality in the kitchen. Using vanilla powder requires no prep work. In fact, you just need to take a pinch or two and incorporate it into recipes. It is also possible to sprinkle vanilla powder on sweet or savory dishes. Infusing vanilla powder in milk, coffee, or fruit juice is also common to start the day with a nice vanilla flavor.

Are there several forms of vanilla powder?

On the market, there are different vanilla products: pure vanilla powder, spent vanilla powder, and vanilla sugar. Spent vanilla powder is obtained from spent vanilla pods after extracting the flavor in a solution of water and alcohol. Vanilla sugar is a mixture of sugar and vanilla powder. Exhausted vanilla powder and vanilla sugar have a less intense flavor, but these two products can also give a vanilla flavor to recipes. One teaspoon of vanilla powder is usually equivalent to 2-3 teaspoons of spent vanilla powder and 6 teaspoons of vanilla sugar. But vanilla sugar is not used to flavor dishes, at the risk of adding a sweet taste to the preparation. It is rather used to sweeten hot and cold drinks. It is also a perfect vanilla product for sprinkling on top of pastry and bakery products.

Why is vanilla powder so expensive?

Pure vanilla powder, spent vanilla powder, and vanilla sugar are not of the same quality. There is no way to visually tell the difference since vanilla products are generally packaged in opaque packaging. You will have to trust what is written on the packaging. The only difference that can be immediately noticed is the price. Pure vanilla powder is relatively more expensive than the other two products, since it is obtained from quality pods. But between pure vanilla powder and vanilla pods, the price difference remains glaring. The vanilla pod remains the product of first choice when you want to create a vanilla recipe. Vanilla powder simply brings more simplicity to preparations.

What are the particularities of the different vanilla powders?

The different vanilla powders on the market are distinct depending on their origin and variety. The method used to dry the pods before turning them into powder influences the quality and flavor. Some vanilla producing countries use bean scalding, while others do not. The flavor of vanilla powder is therefore specific to each variety and each origin of the pods. The main vanilla products currently found on the market come from Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti. For purists, each of these products brings a slightly different flavor and gives a certain originality to the recipes.

  • Vanilla powder from Madagascar

    Vanilla powder from Madagascar also benefits from the name “Bourbon vanilla”. Indeed, vanilla powder is made from Bourbon vanilla. Bourbon vanilla powder is characterized by an intense, sweet, creamy flavor with a note of cocoa. Madagascar vanilla powder is used in many culinary preparations. It is usually used in pastry and baking for dry mixes. It is the key ingredient to give an intense aroma to cakes, brownies, cookies, muffins, breads, etc. Madagascar vanilla powder is also used in savory recipes to enhance the taste. Vanilla recipes offer the most original culinary journey thanks to their authentic flavor. On a daily basis, the flavor of Bourbon vanilla powder is essential in cooking. It can be added to other spices or used alone to flavor drinks and cereals.



  • Vanilla powder from Mexico

    Mexican vanilla is the same variety as Madagascar vanilla: Planifolia vanilla. Remember that the vanilla grown in Madagascar comes from Mexico. Even though it is the vanilla variety, the two products do not develop the same aroma due to a difference in the preparation technique of the pods. But we must recognize that it is this aromatic difference that makes vanilla unique. Mexican vanilla powder gives off a deep, slightly spicy aroma of cloves or nutmeg.

    This vanilla powder is also used in all recipes. It imparts a pure vanilla flavor, whether used alone or mixed with the other usual spices (pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger) to obtain spicy dishes. Vanilla purists use Mexican vanilla powder to give an original taste to different sauces: tomato sauces, barbecue sauces, chili sauces, etc. In baking, it is commonly incorporated into biscuit, cakes, and other doughs. other products that require an intense vanilla aroma. On special occasions, powdered vanilla is used in iced desserts and exotic drinks.

  • Vanilla powder from TAHITI

    Vanilla powder grown in Tahiti and French Polynesia has an aroma different from other vanilla varieties. Tahitensis vanilla has a floral and fruity note, like cherry. This particular flavor of Tahitian vanilla is perfect for flavoring frozen recipes. It develops a unique vanilla flavor thanks to an exceptional aftertaste. It is widely used in cooking to give an intense vanilla flavor to pastry creams, fruit toppings, smoothies, milkshakes, tarts, puddings, yogurts and ice creams. Tahitian vanilla powder is used in savory recipes to flavor different sauces, seafood, meats and vegetables. To surprise guests, vanilla drinks and cocktails make the difference.

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