The differences between vanilla powders depending on the vanilla varieties

vanilla powder benefitsVanilla is a highly fragrant spice that imparts a unique flavor to recipes. Its use is very common in pastry products and frozen desserts. Vanilla is also used in savory recipes. Top chefs add vanilla to their preparations to add a personalized touch to their recipes. The vanilla pod is the raw form of vanilla. There are other vanilla products that are not as intense as the pod, but they can still add a vanilla flavor to recipes. This is notably the case with vanilla powder, a less expensive alternative to the vanilla pod.

Vanilla Powder: One of the Commercial Forms of Vanilla

There are different forms and origins of vanilla, and it seems that this is what makes this spice unique. The vanilla pod is the most well-known form of vanilla; it is also the least processed form of vanilla. Vanilla powder is one of the forms of vanilla, along with vanilla extract and vanilla paste. Vanilla powder has replaced vanilla pods in most home kitchens. It is cheaper than the pod and of better quality than other forms of vanilla. High-quality vanilla powder releases all the olfactory and gustatory complexity of the vanilla pod.

How is Vanilla Powder Made?

Vanilla powder is made by grinding dried pods. The term “vanilla powder” is reserved for products using the whole vanilla pod. This means that the pods are dried with their seeds before being finely ground. While the aroma of vanilla can be enjoyed, it is best to buy high-quality vanilla powder. It is more expensive, but the result will be much better than with vanilla extract.

What is Vanilla Sugar?

Vanilla sugar is simply a mixture of vanilla powder and sugar. This product is made from vanilla pods emptied of their seeds. The pods are dried and then ground before being mixed with sugar. The pods used are less concentrated in aromas. The seeds are the most concentrated part of the aroma of this spice. The flesh is the least interesting part, but it still offers a good vanilla scent. Vanilla sugar is not intended to replace vanilla powder or vanilla pods. It is most often used to replace some of the sugar in recipes, giving a vanilla flavor to the dish.

Using Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Powder in Recipes

What are the varieties of vanilla used in the production of vanilla powder?

There are several varieties of vanilla, but three edible varieties are cultivated. They are marketed in the form of pods, extracts, and vanilla powders.

  • Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon vanilla is a designation given to vanilla cultivated in Madagascar, Reunion, the Comoros, and the Seychelles. Vanilla, originating from the Indian Ocean, comes from the Vanilla planifolia variety. The Bourbon label was registered in 1964 to differentiate production from the region from that of South America, Tahiti, Asia, and other tropical regions. Bourbon vanilla is known for its soft and greasy texture, as well as its dark black color. It is of excellent quality. Bourbon vanilla products have a warm and delicate fragrance, with very floral notes and subtle touches of cocoa. The Vanilla Planifolia variety is highly appreciated in the culinary world, from appetizers to desserts, for its high vanillin content. It naturally gives an exquisite flavor to all recipes, whether savory or sweet.

  • Tahitian Vanilla

Tahitian vanilla or Vanilla Tahitensis, comes from French Polynesia, mainly Tahiti. Also called Pacific Vanilla, this variety produces very fleshy pods. It is characterized by its weight, which can reach up to 12 g. Tahitian vanilla is also known for its warm, very spicy, and sweet fragrance, with notes of gingerbread. Tahitian vanilla powder thus develops an original fragrance that blends perfectly with other spices to flavor savory recipes.

  • Banana Vanilla

Banana vanilla, also called “vanillon,” is rarer than the previous varieties on the market. It is the Vanilla Pompona Shiede species, mainly found in the Caribbean. The peculiarity of this species is the shape of its pods: very large and very short. The vanillin content of banana vanilla is lower than the other two species, but this vanilla is very rich in heliotropin. Banana vanilla powder gives a unique aroma to vanilla preparations.

  • The Benefits of Vanilla Powder in Recipes

Vanilla powder is not only used in recipes for its aroma, although it must be acknowledged that it makes all the difference. Indeed, the use of vanilla has benefits for the body and the well-being of those who consume it regularly.

  • Sweetening Action

Vanilla is naturally sweet as it contains carbohydrates. Its sweetening power allows reducing the proportions of sugar in sweet preparations.

  • Metabolic Action

The consumption of vanilla facilitates digestion by stimulating digestive enzymes. Thanks to its stimulating properties, vanilla helps reduce flatulence and increases bile secretion (choleretic).

  • Relaxing and Antidepressant Action

Vanilla has a similar action to chocolate. Its consumption helps relieve stress and anxiety. It is also a natural antidepressant; its comforting effects soothe and relax the body. Its use in food is recommended for people with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

  • Stimulating Action

Vanilla stimulates the nervous system by relieving physical and mental fatigue. Drinks mixed with vanilla powder are beneficial for athletes by promoting muscle recovery.

  • Antioxidant Action

Vanilla powder is rich in polyphenols. It is therefore a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight against the action of free radicals. The use of vanilla powder in recipes prevents premature aging of cells (skin, hair, nails…).

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